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These sample publications listed below range from product development briefs to formal papers given at international conferences. 

If you wish to review any of these documents, please double click on the article to download a PDF version.

Engels, J. (2008) 'Book Review: Banerjee, A.V. (2008) Making Aid Work, Cambridge, Mass and London, Engels: The MIT Press' in Progress in Development Studies,
vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 293-294.
Engels, J. & Hager, R. (2004) Republic of Armenia Product Brief: Wine Market 2004, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service GAIN Report (#AM4002) (26 July), Washington, D.C: USDA-FAS.
Engels, J. & Sardaryan, G. (2006) 'Developing the Food Supply Chain in Armenia' in Proceedings European Association of Agricultural Economists 98th Seminar: Marketing Dynamics within the Global Trading System: New Perspecitves, Crete, Greece: EAAE.
Engels, J. (2006) 'Unlocking the Export Potential of Armenia's Landlocked Dairy Sector' in Proceedings USAID Regional Consultation on Linking Farmers to Markets: Lessons Learned & Successful Practices, Cairo, Egypt: USAID.
Engels, J. (2003) 'USDA-MAP and Implementing Food Biosafety Measures in the Caucasus' in Nichterlein, K. & Ayrpetyan, S. (eds) Proceedings FAO/UNESCO Subregional Workshop: Agricultural Biotechnology and Biosafety for Food Security and Rural Development in the Caucasus Region and Moldova, 3-6 November, Yerevan, Armenia: FAO/UNESCO
Engels, J. (2003) Armenia Product Brief: Condiment Marketing, Capers
(Capparis spinosa)
(June), Yerevan, Armenia: USDA-MAP.
Engels, J. (2003) Armenia-Georgia Cross-Border Trade: A Market Development Brief (August), Yerevan, Armenia: USDA-MAP.
Engels, J. (2003) Latvia Market Rapid Assessment, September, Yerevan, Armenia: USDA-MAP
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