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'Run too far and the body doesn't want to stop'.
--Richard Christian Matheson,
Third Wind, 1998
On The Run

Competitive running is a tradition that can be traced back to classical Greece. Not only was running a part of the ancient Olympic Games--along with many track and field events we know today--but such words as stadium and marathon were coined during this period. The Marathon dates back to the legend of Pheidippides (530 BC - 490 BC), an Athenian herald who ran from the town of Marathon to Athens to declare the invading Persians had been defeated in battle. As the legend is told, Pheidippides ran 26 miles without stopping and burst into the Senate to proclaim, 'We are victorious!'

In the spirit of Pheidippides, Jeffrey Engels took up long distance running as part of a general exercise program. Running for fitness became running as a habit. Middle-distance running soon became long-distance running. Long-distance runs increased endurance. Sprint sessions developed speed. Hill runs emphasized stamina. Today Jeffrey maintains a varied running program of different and challenging venues and runs 30 miles per week as a baseline to run competively.

Australia has proven an ideal place to take recreational running to a competitive level. Melbourne has a large and supportive running community, encourages outdoor culture, and is sports-oriented. Jeffrey especially likes the opportunity to participate in runs that raise money for important causes--Run-For-The-Kids (Royal Melbourne Children's Hospital), the Mother's Day Classic (Breast Cancer), the St. George Half Marathon (Cerebral Palsy), the Great Australian Run (Children's Hospice), the Runners's Relief Bushfire Appeal (humanitarian assistance), the Olympic Dream Run (supporting Olympic athletes), Beat-the-Boat Race (Stroke Foundation), and the Run Melbourne Half Marathon (various charities).

In 2010 Jeffrey completed the Gold Coast Marathon.  He now incorporates his running as training for triathalon events.