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Armenian Minister of Agriculture David Lokyan awarded Jeffrey Engels the Ministry's Gold Medal 'For Achievements in Agriculture', November 2005. From 2003 to 2005,  Jeffrey served as the last Director of the United States Department of Agriculture's Marketing Assistance Project in Armenia.
Jeffrey E. Engels                                                                                           


*An international development executive with experience in private and public sector project management and consulting across
twenty-nine (29) countries.
*Extensive work experience in economic growth, capacity-building, enterprise/SME development, agribusiness development,
global trade, and business management.
*Specialized in all aspects of international poverty reduction project management, value-chain development, strategic analysis
  and planning, domestic and international marketing, export promotion, and operations.       
*Founded and directed the Center for Agribusiness & Rural Development (CARD), a USD$10.7M NGO originating from
  and assuming the activities of the United States Department of Agriculture's award-winning Marketing Assistance Project
*Managed and directed USDA-MAP, a USD$10.6M agribusiness development initiative providing technical, marketing,
  and financial assistance to the Armenian agricultural sector.                                     
*Owned and managed an annual USD$7M export management company specializing in the procurement/supply of
  infrastructure products for large-scale projects in developing countries.  Concurrently oversaw two U.S. offices and
  foreign operations in Asia and Latin America.
*Designed and implemented national development strategies for international agro-food marketing programs, food security, food
  safety, and export promotion for value/supply chain efficiency.
*Analytical strategic thinker adept at quick problem identification and solutions, efficiently handling multiple projects under strict
time constraints while consistently reducing expenditures. Experienced preparing reports on project activities for stakeholders.

*Country experience: Angola, Armenia, Australia, Belarus, Chile, China, Georgia, Guam, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Korea,
  Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Mozambique, Oman, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand,
  United  Kingdom, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam.


International Development Consulting, Various Countries
*Consulting assignments in developing countries in economic growth, rural development, business, competitiveness, trade, and food production, processing, security, and safety include:

-Business Strategy Consultant, USAID, Arusha, Tanzania (September-October, 2013)
-Mobile Agriculture Advisor, Swiss Agency for Cooperation & Development, Jakarta, Indonesia (April-June, 2013)
-Food Security & Livelihoods Consultant, USAID, Eldoret, Kenya (December-February, 2013)
Economic Growth Consultant, USAID, Busia, Uganda (October-November 2012)
Private Enterprise Development Consultant, USAID, Melbourne, Australia (June-July, 2012)
-Food Security Consultant, AusAID, Canberra, Australia
(February-March, 2012)
-Rural Development & Senior Technical Specialist, USAID, Nametil, Mozambique
(September-October, 2011)
GlobalGAP Trainer, USAID, Boma Ng'ombe (Kilimanjaro), Tanzania (July-August, 2011)
Competititiveness Consultant, USAID, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (April-June, 2011)
-Aid Programs Scale-Up Consultant, AusAID, Canberra, Australia
(April, 2010)
Rural Development Advisor, USAID, Melbourne, Australia (February-March, 2010)
-Public-Private Partnerships Consultant, Chemonics, Washington, D.C., USA
(November-December, 2010)
-Horticulture Value Chain Consultant, USAID, Huambo, Angola
(September, 2010)
Enterprise Development Senior Advisor, USAID, Yerevan, Armenia (July, 2008)

Country Director, Center for Agribusiness & Rural Development (CARD), Yerevan, Armenia
(April, 2005-December, 2006)
*Directed USD$10.7 million local Armenian NGO dedicated to reducing rural poverty and increasing the standard of living of its
  clients by offering a comprehensive, integrated package of market- and farmer-driven services.
*Responsible for fulfilling CARD's Mission (to assist farmers and agribusinesses in the production and marketing of food and
  related products to increase incomes and create jobs) as well as all administrative and financial functions of the organization. 
*Provided day-to-day leadership and guidance to CARD's Management Team-comprised of Armenian and international
  experts--to ensure proper strategies, financial resource planning, and internal controls in compliance with Armenian law.
*Organized, planned, established, and implemented new and innovative development projects, including procedures, regulations,
  policies and program operations. Managed and adjusted project budgets as required to accomplish overall goals within
  established   timeframes. 
*Prime liaison with primary funder (the USDA Foreign Agriculture Service), pertinent U.S. and local government agencies, and
  Armenian and international development organizations to develop and strengthen collaborative arrangements for  innovative
  development programs.
*Ensured comprehensive monitoring and evaluation for timely reporting to the CARD Board of Trustees, donors, partners, and
  collaborators on changing political, budgetary, programmatic, and administrative circumstances influencing implemented
  projects. Presented new funding and project proposals to donors and negotiated new partnership arrangements.

Director and Project Coordinator, USDA MARKETING ASSISTANCE PROJECT, Yerevan, Armenia
(October 2003 - March 2005)
*Managed/coordinated  USD$10.6 million Freedom Support Act (FSA)-funded international agribusiness development
   project, providing project leadership, administrative oversight, and program guidance.
*Coordinated staff of 100 personnel, including U.S. consultants from land grant universities and local Armenian staff.
  Supervised USDA/International Programs' American technical advisors.
*Represented USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) in-country to both senior-level
  U.S. and Armenian agricultural, diplomatic, and political entities.
*Served as U.S. Mission expert on agriculture in Armenia, collaborating projects with UNDP, UMCOR, ACDI/VOCA, DAI, etc.
  Provided on-time and on-budget delivery of project deliverables.
*Led program initiative to transition USDA-funded project to a private sector, locally owned/managed legacy NGO.

Marketing Manager, USDA MARKETING ASSISTANCE PROJECT, Yerevan, Armenia (February 2002-September 2003)
*Managed and mentored local marketing team, the core component of MAP; strategically coordinated the work of U.S.
  consultants, worked closely with NGOs and international organizations to effectively implement marketing assistance to
  farmers and SMEs/agribusinesses.  Focused on high value horticultural products and value-added processing.
*Implemented marketing strategies for Armenian agribusinesses to assist them to compete in/penetrate regional and international
  markets such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the Baltics, the European Union, and the United States. Conducted R&D on products
  and quality improvement, provided market intelligence, developed domestic and export promotion, and overcame
  transportation/logistics obstacles.
*Responsible for all reporting to donor (USDA) and U.S. Ambassador to Armenia.
*Developed marketing materials for the project and its clients, as well as an 'Economics Primer' for Quality Schools
  International (QSI) high school economics curriculum.

International Trade and Marketing Specialist, California, USA  (2001 - 2002)
*Completed assignments in Armenia, Chile, Russia, and the Ukraine on international trade, business development, and marketing
  for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to enhance competitiveness.
*Developed global marketing/business plans for agro-processors and an Agricultural Marketing Center.
*Provided in-depth country and market research, analyzed existing business operations (marketing, sales, logistics, and
  distribution) and developed value-added programs for maximum operational efficiency and increased revenue.
*Consulting services extended to export strategies and promotion, Supply Chain Management (SCM) improvement, and a range
  of global trade issues.

LOCKWOOD INTERNATIONAL, California, USA (1987-2000)
President & Partner
(1994-2000) , Vice-President, Global Marketing & Sales (1991-1993), Global Project Manager (1989-1990), Operations/Logistics Manager (1987-1988)
*Managed fast-paced annual USD$7.0 million leading U.S. export management company specializing in the procurement and supply of infrastructure products to international architects, contractors, engineers, and planners for projects in developing countries.  Offices in Denver/Dayton and overseas offices in Hong Kong and Mexico.
*Developed long and short-term global trade/marketing plans to tactically respond to large volume procurement demands for construction materials for hospitals, schools, banks, low-cost housing, government buildings, and rail systems.
*Drove sales/trade team planning and marketing analysis, including research, competitive product evaluation, and sales               techniques for a variety of levels of distribution/channel sales. Led business development programs to build brand awareness       and create product competitive images abroad that led to awarded contracts on high profile infrastructure projects.
*Built relationships with key prime manufacturing and contracting organizations that were experts in their focus areas and         drafted and implemented exclusivity agreements for overseas presentation. Expanded product lines by broadening partners and    customer portfolio, and geographic sales regions with extensive travel throughout Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and        Europe.
*Reduced back-office procurement costs 20% through competitive multi-vendor bidding.
*Supervised/trained staff in all aspects of international trade and Supply Chain Management (SCM).
*Analyzed and provided solutions for complex trade finance and operations issues.

Appellate Level Clerk for the Attorney General, STATE OF CALIFORNIA, DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, ATTORNEY GENERAL, San Francisco, California (1986)

*Wrote respondent briefs for filing in California Court of Appeals.


UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia, Ph.D. (Development Studies), 2010.
Dissertation: 'Aid Project Exit Strategies: Building strong sustainable institutions'.
IMA Internationalís 'Development Planning & Management' short course, April, 2006.
INSTITUTION ON INTERNATIONAL & COMPARATIVE LAW, Moscow, Russia and Warsaw, Poland, University of San Diego Summer Program, 1985.
UNIVERSITY OF SAN FRANCISCO SCHOOL OF LAW, San Francisco, California, 1984-86, Self-financed.
DOMINICAN UNIVERSITY, San Rafael, California, B.A. Cum Laude, 'International Studies', 1982.


Honorary Fellow, University of Melbourne, School of Land & Environment, Melbourne, Australia, August 2013.
Research Grant, Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy, Rutgers University, June 2008.
Research Grant, Travel for Research in Postgraduate Study (TRIPS), University of Melbourne, June 2008.
Ph.D. Fieldwork Grant, School of Social & Environmental Enquiry, University of Melbourne, December 2007.
Certificate, United Nations Global Compact, Communication onf Project Review (COP) Project, July 2007
Certificate of Appreciation, Ministry of Agriculture of Republic of Armenia Agricultural Support Center, Yerevan, Armenia, 24 December 2004.
Honorary Doctorate, Armenian Agricultural Academy, Yerevan, Armenia, conferred 30 October, 2004.
Republic of Armenia Gold Medal 'For Achievements in Agriculture', given by the Ministry of Agriculture to the USDA Marketing Assistance Project, Jeffrey E. Engels, Project Director, 28 October, 2004.
Moot Court Case Winner, 1986, University of San Francisco School of Law, San Francisco, California.


Member, Executive Adisory Board, Mali Initiative (MI), Kalabankoro, Mali, 2007-Present.
Member, Country Team (Ambassadorís Cabinet), US Embassy in Armenia, 2003-2006.
Member, Assistance Coordination Group (ACG), US Embassy in Armenia, 2003-2006.
Member, Save-The-Children Community Self-Help Fund Working Group, US Embassy in Armenia, 2003-2006.
Founder and Member, Armenian Organic Agriculture Foundation (AOAF), 2004-Present.
Member, US-Armenian Task Force (USATF), US Embassy in Armenia, 2003-2005.
Member, Steering Committee, New Embassy Compound (NEC), Armenia,  2004-2005.
Member, International Cooperative Administrative Support Services (ICASS) Council, US Embassy in Armenia, 2003-2005.
Member, Coordinating Council of 'ArmAgroForum' First International Conference, Armenia, 2004.
Co-Chair, National Organic Action Plan (NOAP) Committee of Armenia, 2002-2003.


Engels, J. (2013) (Swahili version) 'GlobalGAP Handbook for Small-Scale Growers in Tanzania', USAID-Tanzania.
Engels, J. (2013) (Swahili version) 'Green Beans & Peat Harvest & Post-harvest Handling Handbook, USAID-Tanzania.
Engels, J. (2012) 'Edible Oilseed Crop Guidebook for Uganda', Busia, Uganda: USAID-Uganda.
Engels, J. (2011) 'Groundnut Growers' Guide for Mozambique: Production, Harvest, and Post-harvest Handling, Nampula, Mozambique: USAID-Mozambique.
Engels, J. (2011) 'GlobalGAP Handbook for Small-Scale Growers in Tanzania', Arusha, Tanzania: USAID-Tanzania.
Engles, J. (2011) 'Green Bean and Pea Harvest & Post-harvest Handling Handbook, Arusha, Tanzania: USAID-Tanzania.
Engels, J. (2011) 'Horticultural Marketing Strategy for Kyrgyzstan', A Task Order Under The SEGIR/GBTII II IQC, Contract EEM-I-09-07-0008-00, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan: USAID-Kyrgyz Republic.
Engels, J. (2010) 'Horticultural Marketing', Huambo, Angola: USAID-Angola.
Engels, J. (2010) 'Developing Strategic Partnerships with Armenian Diaspora', Washington, D.C., USA: Chemonics.
Engels, J. (2008) 'Book Review: Banerjee, A.V. (2008) Making Aid Work, Cambridge, Mass. and London, England: The MIT Press in Progress in Development Studies', vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 293-294.


USAID Horticulture Value-Chain Conference, Arusha, Tanzania. 'USAID Farmer-to-Farmer (FtF) Program in Africa' and 'Developing Tanzania's Horticultural Value-Chain: Building resilience and responding to climate change through private sector investment', 28-29 August 2013.
*University of Eldoret, School of Agriculture & Biotechnology, Kenya. 'Food Security & Livelihoods Education: Preparing the Next Generation of Food Security Professionals', 14 February 2013.
*University of Melbourne Postgraduate Seminar Series, Development Studies, Melbourne, Australia. 'The Millennium Challenge Corporation: Participatory Development in Action', 30 July 2010.
*Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), School of Global Studies, Social Science & Planning, Melbourne, Australia. Lecture Series: 'Microfinance & Poverty', 'Microfinance Management & Financial Statement Analysis' and 'Microfinance & Hyper-Inflation Case Studies', March-June 2009.


Association for International Agriculture & Rural Development (AIARD)
European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE)
IAMA (International Food & Agribusiness Management Association), 2004-Present
Slow Food International
International Trade
Doctoral Studies
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